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The Best Marketing Advice is Very Simple: Don’t Wait. Take Action.

Someone once asked me when is the best time to launch a product, to start up that new business, to go for something a bit risky or to change strategy.

The Best Marketing Advice is Very Simple: Don’t Wait. Take Action.

Is it the market, the timing, the product itself… When, when, when should I start in order for it to be the most effective?

In reply, I always say the same thing: Now. Start now.

And you then reply with the same fear – “But I am not ready…”

I tell you this, no matter who you are, you’ll never be ready. Those who wait for the conditions online to become ideal (and indeed offline in life) tend to never be ready. The fear will hold you back, the procrastination will hold you back, the lack of ‘going for it’ will harm your confidence. It’ll never be enough, it’ll never be just right. And if you’re not sure about it, you’ll be correct because no one will believe in you.

You must strike now and that means you’re not wasting any time. Yes, there are ideal circumstances in which to be successful, of course but the girl or guy who sits back waiting and doesn’t launch or doesn’t take that step forward will be quickly overtaken by the competitor; the one with the courage who knows that they’re not fully ready but is still going ahead with it. Why will it work better than you who is getting everything just right?

Because while they’re out doing these things and failing and getting back up and tweaking, perfecting and indirectly becoming a master of their craft… you’re still waiting for the right time. Practice and determination make the master.

In life, we are always waiting. Sitting back, looking for external guidance on what to do next and exactly how to do it. While this is great, sometimes you have to just do it. Experience is the best teacher – “Will it work?” you ask – “Go and do it, try it out. Right now. Don’t wait for tomorrow because it’s a lesson less tomorrow that you could have learned and incorporated into your wisdom.”

Timing can be perfect sometimes and it can create a lot of luck but not so much as the will and drive you can begin to use now inside of yourself – throwing away that fear of acting on something new. Tell yourself you can be happy now. You can focus on the things that matter now. From this head space of confidence, MONEY FOLLOWS. Always, because in this state of mind – that we are ready to have it all, right now as we are – we become extremely resourceful naturally.

It is us that holds us back. Our fears and inadequate thinking. Our waiting…

Think about why you became an IMer – you clearly wanted freedom from the rat race. You were maybe told to do your exams, don’t party and do well at school- then you’ll be happy. Successful. But then there’s more to do, go to university, get a degree… Oh, then you’ll be happy.

And after four more years, you need a good job and lots of money and if you do, then you’ll be happy. And now you’re working all the time to pay off your house and car and get financially free…when you do don’t worry… you’ll be happy.

But now they tell you you’re at that age where all this money means nothing without a partner, so settle down have a family and then you’ll be happy.

But time to yourself may be more limited now with these new responsibilities, so don’t worry, when you retire and the kids are raised well, then you’ll be happy.

And now you’re old… you might find another theological or philosophical force and even decide that when you die and go to heaven, you’ll be happy then.

Do you realize that when you live a life of ‘If I get this, if I wait for the right time… I’ll be happy’ most of us will spend our whole lives chasing a dream in the FUTURE? Always out of reach…

Happiness is just moments like these. WE can make miracles happen today…

Don’t wait for the right time to take a risk. Every clock minute is a risk regardless, (we cannot guarantee the future) and so all that exists is what step we can take right now to make our dreams come true.

Do something today – now – that is a step further than what you were yesterday. Lay a brick each day, don’t set out to build the wall… and one day you will have a wall without realizing it. All you had to do was:

Don’t wait. Take action NOW.

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