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Profit From a Proven Sales Letter Template

Want to create the perfect sales letter – fast? Try this template. Not only is it easy to do, it’s also highly effective. And if you know your market and your product, you should be able to crank out a rough draft of your sales letter in about an hour.

Profit From a Proven Sales Letter Template

Then set it aside for a day or two to let it ‘percolate’ in your brain. Come back, polish it up and post it.

Here are the 6 primary elements of a proven sales letter template:

Pattern Interrupt with a BIG Promise – Get their attention and promise something big, bold and specific. “Veterans, is the government ripping you off? Here’s how to finally get every benefit you earned while in the service of your country – even the 14 benefits they never told you about!”

State the Problem and Make it Hurt – This is the main problem your product solves, the one that is currently making your customer’s life hell. Don’t just state the problem – really agitate it. Make them feel how bad it is to have this problem of theirs. “Beautiful women look at you like you’re a tick on a dog, and you can’t get a date with anyone but your second cousin Shirley – the shrill shrew who never stops reminding you of the time you pooped your pants at the family reunion.”

“Here’s what most people do” – this is where you talk about alternatives and why they don’t work, shutting down all avenues to solve the problem except the one you are offering. “People try anything to lose weight. One woman ate nothing but grapefruit for a month, and all she lost was her energy and her hair. Another woman walked and ran 20 miles a day, and while she didn’t lose any weight, she did get both knees replaced within the year.”

“Here’s what I do.” This is your solution. Tell why it’s best and why they must have it. “When I stumbled on this method I was flat broke and 8 days away from declaring bankruptcy. 3 months later my $125,000 mortgage was completely paid off. Yes, I was as shocked as you, but here’s the proof.”

Outline the Deal, Ask for the Sale – Don’t be afraid. If you’ve done the previous steps correctly, they’re ready to buy at this point. “When you order today, you get A, plus B, plus C. And I’ll throw in D, E and F to absolutely guarantee your success. All this, and it’s only $9.99.”

Close the Deal – this is the either / or part. “You’re either going to take full risk-free advantage of this deal and get all these benefits, or you’re going to go on having this horrible problem.” “You could continue as before, sitting home alone every night where the only women you ever see are on TV or porn sites. Or you can do what so many others have done and grab this program. Even before you complete the second module, you’ll notice women are looking at you differently. They’re smiling at you, making small talk, slipping their phone numbers into your pocket, casually touching you… your only problem will be scheduling all these beautiful women into your new dating lifestyle.”

That’s it.

Yes, writing sales copy really is that easy.

Have fun with it and make yourself tons of sales on your next product.

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