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How to Write a Legitimate Product Review

We’re all familiar with the “reviews” that are actually sales material in disguise. That’s not what we’re talking about here. If you want to write legitimate, believable reviews that attract search engine attention, increase traffic and build your reputation as an influencer and thought leader, here’s how to do it – complete with a template you can use today…

How to Write a Legitimate Product Review

1. Realize you’re going to be spending some time on this. Commit to using the product yourself and writing a bare minimum of 1,000 words.

2. Choose the product. It should be something you want and you can use, while also being of interest to your readers.

3. Know your audience. What are they most interested in? What are their goals? Keep them in mind during the entire process because you’re doing this review for them.

4. Be unbiased and objective. Don’t bring preconceived notions to your review. Start with an open mind, looking for all of the positives and all of the negatives. Remember, your reputation is on the line so be honest.

5. Use the product. Some reviewers try to get away without using the product, and it always shows in their reviews. Don’t fake it – use it.

As you’re going through or using the product, keep these questions in front of you:

– What does the product do?
– How is the product different from similar products?
– How difficult or easy is it to use this product?
– What makes this product worth the purchase?
– What’s wrong with or missing from the product?
– Who is this product intended for?
– Where can this product be purchased?

6. Take notes as you’re using it. You won’t remember everything later when you go to write your review. Plus your notes will make the writing process much faster.

7. Don’t rely on PR and marketing material. Yes, you can use their photos. But write your own review from scratch.

8. List the good and the bad. You might make a Ben Franklin style list, placing the pros on the left side of the page and the cons on the right. Remember, even if you are acting as an affiliate for the product, your review will be much more believable when you also list the cons. And your reputation will remain intact for future promotions, too.

9. If it’s relevant, include technical information. Just ask yourself – would your readers want to know this?

10. Provide examples of the product’s use. You could write about different situations it might be used in, different outcomes it could facilitate and so forth. If you put the product to use yourself, write about your experience and the results you achieved.

11. If you’re selling the product as an affiliate, be sure to disclose that fact.

Product Review Template:

Writing a professional looking review isn’t difficult when you follow this simple outline…

> Introduce the product and write something interesting about it
> List the key product features
> Talk about the benefits of using the product
> If relevant, include information on the author as well as author case studies
> Discuss the good and the bad; pros and cons
> Explain who would best be served by the product
> Include pricing and purchase information

Unbiased, honest, in-depth reviews aren’t the fastest posts to write because of the research and testing needed. But placing your readers’ interests ahead of your own can help you build a solid reputation as an industry leader.

And in the long run your readers will love you for it, trust you because of it and be more likely to buy your highest recommendations.

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