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Bloggers: Readers LOVE Your Mistakes…

(So give them what they want)!!

Your readers probably enjoy hearing about your latest exploits and victories. They like to hear how you made $10K in a day, especially if you give them all the details so they can try and duplicate your success.

Bloggers: Readers LOVE Your Mistakes...

But do you know what they love hearing even more?

Your failures.

Your muck-ups…

The time you fell down the stairs stone cold sober while holding your best friend’s wedding cake.

The time you thought you were so smart, you had found a brand new way to sell widgets, and lost $1,200 in the process while gaining a closet full of maxi-widgets 2.0.

And the time you got conned, too, also makes for a great story.

So why do people love to hear about your failures?

Because they can relate. Because it shows you’re human. Because it’s just plain fun to know they’re not the only ones who sometimes screw things up.

We all know the guy who brags non-stop about how everything he touches turns to gold. In fact there’s a word for him – BORING.

Then there’s the bloke next store who has some success, but enjoys a few failures, too. Now THAT’S the guy we want to hang out with.

That’s the guy we can relate to.

And guess what? That’s also the guy we’ll listen to and buy products from…

So go ahead and regale your readers with tales of your failures. They’ll love you for it, and in the end, so will your bottom line.

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